New Documents from FDA and the Milk Board

A number of documents have to come light today with regard to the Milk Board and the FDA.

mmb-destroy10_15001 This is the Milk Board’s response to the Dixon’s letter of 6 October. Try this on for size… “No administrative regulations allow the appeal of the State Milk Board’s administrative order…”.

cert.letter from fda, p.1 FDA considers the cheeses that were recalled to have posed an acute, life-threatening hazard to health.

cert.letter from fda, p.2 This is a list of the recalled products.

Folks, a new post is forthcoming by Doreen Hannes, which I’ll put up in the morning.

Be outraged. I am. Righteously outraged.

9 responses to “New Documents from FDA and the Milk Board

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  2. How blinded are they eyes of those in government. With no clear chain of command and no samples of the contaminated cheese, how can the USA government be so BLIND!
    My heart goes out to you and your workers and we will pray for a reprieve.

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  4. The FDA (Federal Death Agency) is making themselves look like fools! Your tax dollars at work! Why don’t these guys pay attention to the real food dangers like GMO foods, oh wait, they have ridiculous high paying jobs waiting for them at Monsanto if they do as there told. Listen to this interview with researcher Jeffrey M. Smith here to learn more and stop buying their crap :
    go to October 25 hour and download or listen

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  6. Where can the original FDA report be found on the cheese? The actual result sheet from the test, is it public record?

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