Farmers and Consumers, Get Radical!

How to Respond to a Farm Raid
by Mark McAfee, Owner Organic Pastures Dairy Company

Farmers and Consumers need to react strongly and swiftly to combat unfair attacks on their food by regulators. To attract media interest, you must create a loud and colorful protest, armed with the facts.

When OPDC was shut down for six days in 2006 our consumers went radical. They started doing things like standing with me, their farmer, with protest signs telling their stories of healing. I threatened national media interviews to expose the details that did not match the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) story of six critically sick kids.

I knew the truth and the details and I threatened the CDFA with real action that they could not bear. Instead CDFA settled and signed settlement agreements and wrote a check for the recalled raw milk. CDFA gave us back our raw milk permit in seven days. (Read the rest here at Harkte Is Online)

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One response to “Farmers and Consumers, Get Radical!

  1. Raw milk helped heal our cavities (along with nixing refined sugar, corny syrup etc) and makes your calcium, vitamin D levels go up naturally with no synthetic vit. D as well.

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