Update on Pledgie and a Grist Article

Better news! Tonight Pledgie broke $25,000.00! Bless you!

Great news! We are $21.00 away from having raised $25,000.00 through Pledgie. Twenty one dollars. Isn’t that amazing? You people are amazing! Thank you so much. Let’s keep the momentum going though. We still have a long ways to go.

I ran across this article earlier today, written by David Gumpert, who writes for Business Week, Grist and has his own blog, The Complete Patient.

Shutdown of two small cheesemakers raises more doubts about food-safety legislation

by David Gumpert

1 Nov 2010

In all the acrimony that has settled over Washington, one major legislative matter has continued to receive bipartisan support: food safety legislation intended to give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration vastly expanded powers to reduce the amount of contaminated food getting into distribution.

Highly publicized outbreaks over the last few years involving everything from spinach to peanut butter to ground beef to eggs have only seemed to heighten the support from consumer groups and the media alike. Grist contributor Elanor Starmer last week argued that we have a serious food safety problem only this legislation can resolve. The proposed legislation, strongly encouraged by the Obama administration, sailed through the U.S. House last fall, and then through a Senate committee earlier this year. [Read the rest here where David Gumpert brings up Morningland and Estrella. Comments, I am sure, would be much appreciated ~ Sharon]


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