Wanted a Cr*p M*b of 50,000 to Save Artisan Dairy Farming – Hartkeisonline!

Fundraising to Defend the Rights of Raw Milk Dairies and Raw Milk Consumers – by Kimberly Hartke

The Carrot Mob, which started in San Francisco, has spawned a movement of do- good social activism. This is how it works. A group of local activists promise a business to patronize their store in a mob on a designated day. Then, for example, they ask the business to spend a percentage of the proceeds on making environmentally friendly upgrades to their facility.

From the Carrot Mob concept came the Cr*p M*b. Once again, local sustainable food activists team up and offer to help a farmer for a day, plant crops, build birdhouse, plant trees, paint the barn. In doing so, city slickers get first-hand experience on a farm for the day, and the farmer gets a much needed shot in the arm, and perhaps new customers for his CSA or farmstand. [Read the rest of it here]

Kimberly has a terrific idea! I think this Cr*p M*b idea would work especially well to involve city folks.

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One response to “Wanted a Cr*p M*b of 50,000 to Save Artisan Dairy Farming – Hartkeisonline!

  1. This idea will work…..IF people in this country will get up and stop being so apathetic toward everything that’s happening and just DO it.

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