Tyranny……Is That What’s For Dinner? – Doreen Hannes

Tyranny……Is That What’s For Dinner?

©Doreen Hannes 2011

Missouri farmstead cheese plant, Morningland Dairy is going to be in Howell County Circuit Court at 9am Central time on Tuesday, January 11th. The Missouri Attorney General’s Office is charging Morningland with 3 criminal charges and has also filed a “Preliminary Injunction” in hopes of getting a court order to destroy Morningland Dairy’s cheese.

It’s a sad time for a nation that espouses “freedom” as a mantra when food buying co-ops are raided at gun point and cheese plants that have been in business for 30 years with no illnesses can be put out of business and charged with crimes, seemingly for simply asking to have proper tests done before a State agency destroys their property. But that is where we are now in the good ole US of A. Pretending it isn’t happening isn’t going to be “healthful” or helpful for you or your progeny.

For those who would like to read a more thorough background on Morningland’s  legal issues, please visit the UnCheese Party website where many articles and click through links to many more articles are housed. The UnCheese Party began as  a fundraising effort to try to keep the raw cheese dairy from folding during the embargo that the Missouri Milk Board placed on their cheese on August 26th, 2010.

Joseph and Denise Dixon are the General Managers and co-owners of Morningland Dairy LLC. Morningland is a licensed and inspected facility located in Mountain View, Missouri and they have lost nearly a full year of production and sales because of the embargo placed on the dairy by the Missouri Milk Board. It appears that the Milk Board is simply taking the lead position of the FDA in the federal agencies not-so-cold war against raw dairy. (Read FDA testimony for a better explanation)

The Charges versus the Facts

The Milk Board alleges that Morningland, whom they licensed and inspected and whom the State recognizes as a LLC in good-standing, has engaged in “Unlawful Sale of Dairy Products”,“Unlawful Interference with Milk Board Duties”, and (more here)“Failure to Comply with a Destruction Order”.

Morningland ceased all sales of its product after the Milk Board put an “embargo” notice on their cheese cooler on August 26th. Hence, all sales prior to the 26th were entirely within the bounds of the law, and therefore, lawful.  The FDA issued a voluntary recall –before- Morningland’s General Managers had opportunity to review the California Department of Food Agriculture tests that spurred the interest in Morningland by the FDA and the Missouri Milk Board.

Morningland never denied access to the Missouri Milk Board, nor did they refuse them the opportunity to test their products or deny them information. As a matter of fact, they asked that properly done, legitimate testing be done… and were told that the Milk Board didn’t have the funding, and would only test if someone had died from the product.  Morningland also followed a purely verbal instruction to cease production on their cheese. How could this possibly be construed to “interfere” with the Milk Board in their duties?

There was never a date given, nor an actual destruction order issued to Morningland to destroy or to have their cheese destroyed. All Morningland did was lodge their objection to the paragraph in the middle of a three page letter that said that the Milk Board would contact them to make an appointment to destroy their property and livelihood. So questioning the ‘belief’ of the Milk Board is now a criminal offense in the state of Missouri. How that jibes with “freedom” is beyond my ken. It certainly is a far cry from principles espoused by Thomas Jefferson….It’s a far cry from the principles associated with reason, logic, and due process in general.

The final point in the charges brought by the Missouri Attorney General is a “Preliminary Injunction” against Morningland and the cheese that has been languishing in their refrigerated cheese cave since August 26th. The use of the term “preliminary” in this charge is very misleading. Should the court find for the Milk Board on this charge, the cheese, which is the evidence, would be destroyed quite quickly. In other words, “preliminary” means final, and “injunction” means destruction.

The Remedy?

Morningland Dairy is requesting a jury trial on all of these charges.

There is a general belief that the Missouri Attorney General’s office intends to try to separate the “preliminary injunction” (permanent destruction, rather) order from the other charges levied against Morningland. The hope is that the judge will see that the existence of the cheese in the cooler for scientifically accurate tests is integral to the case overall, and refuse to separate the “administrative” from the criminal. In my mind, the hope is that the judge will want to examine the real, whole milk straight from the farm instead of the ultra pasteurized homogenized version of milk that you find in your local grocery.  If you drink real milk, you know what I’m talking about here….If you don’t, you should!

Morningland reports that their Attorney believes that if the judge determines to hold the Milk Board responsible for proving that Morningland Dairy Cheese is contaminated, they have a great chance of winning. If the judge decides that Morningland has to prove they are innocent, like in the former Soviet Union, then there is a good chance they will lose.

Either way, on trial in Missouri is your right to decide what you want to eat. If Morningland loses this battle, the FDA will have one a precedent setting court case without even having to foot the Attorney bills. They will have won precedent of their assertion made in another FTCLDF (Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund) case that “You have No Right to any Particular Food”, “You Have No Right to Bodily or Physical Health”….and “You Have No Right to Contract”.

Hopefully the citizens of the Show Me State will Show Up and demand of the court that they do indeed have these rights, and that any infringement of these rights will be taken seriously.

I suggest that everyone with healthy dairy animals bring personal samples to the Howell County Court House to share amongst themselves…Otherwise, we can look forward to the new Food Destruction Agency catch phrase, “Tyranny, It’s What’s For Dinner.”….Or “Goat Milk?…Go to Jail.”

I like my dairy like I like my freedom. Raw.


6 responses to “Tyranny……Is That What’s For Dinner? – Doreen Hannes

  1. YES!

    Thank you so much, Doreen!

    I hope I can make it to the trial, because it’s not just Morningland’s battle – it’s EVERYONE’S battle, the battle to be able to choose for ourselves.

    As we used to say in the olden days, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!”

  2. Hmmm… Amazing… January 11th the day of the trial. It is also the – National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Does anyone else see the significant coincidence besides myself? Remove the people’s freedom and with the resulting poverty that comes, the tyrants reduce us all to slavery. And what a slavery it is we’re talking about these days. Stand up to tyranny. It’s the only way things work.

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  4. We here in western australia are also in court tomorrow 11 January. Brendon O’Connell is up for Racial Vilification against Jews and he is refusing to enter into a Freemasonry court with a huge triangle on the front entrance. He has also had advice about defending under common law and will sack his lawyer if he does not act as directed.
    Morningland Dairy must have some Idea what they want out of this and not rely on their attorney ( attorneys are part of the system that they are fighting). Morningland Dairy must not agree to anything in court and must insist on a common law court or walk out. Look at Habeas Corpus and make sure your attorney uses it otherwise they are fired and court cannot proceed until you have arranged new representatives. You will lose if you go in there if you rely completely on the attorney and you will lose if you do not take control of the matter. If a judgement is handed down against you do not agree to it. Just say I do not agree with the decision. They cannot do anything unless they have your agreement and silence is agreement. Mary Elizabeth Croft gives a great example in her book around p56.
    I get the feeling Morningland Dairy wants to play by the rules. Well the rules are there for the bureacracy benefit not yours and they will slaughter you. Once you moved out of the system with your produce you were a target. Now you have to stay outside the system and refuse to participate in their games. Deuteronomy chapt 4 v 2 after Moses gave the Israelites the 10 comandments. Do not add to or take away from these laws I have commanded you keep. Whose law is superior God’s or the State of Missouri? Does God say you cannot sell your produce as you wish? Take a bible in and quote it and take control of the court.

  5. Carolyn B. Thayer

    I’m with you 100% . I wish I could be, physically there most of all. I was raised on raw milk and I LOVE cheese and all dairy. This is absurd! I have had this horrible thought in my head for several years that we will not have any fresh produce in the future, and now this? It really does scare me now. I’m afraid this is only the beginning. The “Black Ops” are becoming more prevalent day by day. I see it here and all over the (real) news , the news you have to search for… not the network news for sure. It sucks so bad. I wish I could be present and show my support for you and all of us in real time. God Bless you!

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