Morningland Wants YOU to Be the Judge

Morningland Wants YOU to Be the Judge

Yesterday, Morningland Dairy was informed that the Judge for their court date on the 11th and 12th had been replaced by a new Judge. They were also told that the case would NOT be  heard by a jury. Instead, the Judge will render a decision on the “Preliminary Injunction”.  The thing is, that the “preliminary” is not preliminary; it’s permanent. And the “injunction” isn’t a constraint; it’s permission for the Milk Board to destroy Morningland’s entire cheese stock. Joseph and Denise Dixon, General Managers for Morningland, estimate that close to 40% of the cheese is a loss at this point.

At issue in this case is nothing less than the entire basis of our system of law. Due process must be followed if we are to have any legitimate law in this country.

Morningland was notified that charges were being filed against them by the Missouri Attorney General’s office after they objected to a letter from the Milk Board stating that the Milk Board would contact Morningland to make an appointment to destroy their cheese.  The Milk Board informed Morningland that they had no right to appeal a decision of the Milk Board.

To put it simply, if there is no need for an agency to prove something is dangerous before they are allowed to destroy property, how can anyone’s property be safe from destruction? If agencies are allowed to destroy businesses and livelihoods without any illnesses or definitive evidence that a product is dangerous or harmful, then we cannot have no certainty that we can make and sell anything and profit from our labor.

Joseph Dixon, General Manager of Morningland asks that you be present to not only judge the claims made by the Missouri Milk Board, but to watch the proceedings and stand vigilant in the protection of our inalienable rights. Please do all you can to be present. It could be you next….

Here is a link to a map of the Court in West Plains, Missouri: Map to Court House


3 responses to “Morningland Wants YOU to Be the Judge

  1. Okay, so let me get this straight:

    The old judge (for whatever reason) is off the case.

    The new judge (who I fear is a good buddy of Koster and the Mook Board) has said that 1.) Americans don’t have the right to a jury trial, and 2.) He’s going to rule on the injunction to destroy the cheese.


    I am reminded of a sketch by the late comedian and social commentator, Peter Cook. He opined that it is a pity that the requirements for remaining employed as a judge were quite opposite the requirements for being a coal miner.

    You see, the coal miners are at the job until they are worn out, used up, and feeble of mind – which are really the basic requirements for judges.

    Just tellin’ you what Mr Cook said…

  2. what the agencies involved in this scam are doing is a discrace to the American people and the Founders of this country.There is no way that what they are doing, or attempting to do, is constitutional, let alone moral.I am sad that this country has came to this, where a small family owned farm (or any type business) is targeted by the government simply because they (the govt.) wishes to take control of the food we consume.We might as well start looking for another country to live in.

    • Can you imagine what Thomas Jefferson or George Washington or Samuel Adams might have said if told that in the future milk straight out of the cow, or cheese from said milk, would be demonized and outlawed?

      I have to ask you which other country should we look at moving to? I can’t think of a one.

      Peace and grace.

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