Need some comments on this Riverfront Times blog article

Circuit Court Ruling Puts Raw Milk Cheesemaker Out of Business

The Cheese House at Morningland of the Ozarks is no more.

The battle over raw-milk cheese has come home to Missouri. On Tuesday the Howell County Circuit Court upheld a ruling by the Missouri State Milk Board that Morningland of the Ozarks, a dairy in Mountain View, would have to destroy all the raw-milk cheeses it produced between January and June 2010, when traces of two bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus, were found in samples taken from a store in California.

The decision effectively spells the end of the road for Morningland.

“Morningland had been in business for 30 years,” says Doreen Hannes, a spokeswoman for the dairy. “In that time, zero incidents of people getting sick from their raw-milk cheese have been reported, or even rumored.” [Read the rest of the article here, and please make some comments]


5 responses to “Need some comments on this Riverfront Times blog article

  1. A sad day indeed. A family is out their livlihood, their skills reduced to nothing.
    I wouldn’t be afraid to eat the cheese!

  2. The courts, FDA and the Milk Board are a bunch of BS. The incompetence of all three is nothing but a bad joke. None of these stupid idiots should not have any authority because it’s quite obvious they have no common sense. I see no reason why they want to destroy all of the cheese without an accurate testing. Sounds like the Chicago Mafia at work again. This is a huge blow for all small farmers. I can’t believe that the taxpayers of Missouri are turning there back and letting this happen. Don’t think that this is the end of over reaching polotics.

  3. What appalls me is that NO ONE seems to care.

    Where is the outrage? Why are more people not rising up angry?

    If we don’t stand up and do something – if we do not CONTINUE to do something – then the bad guys win.

    I want to know how folks can look at themselves in the mirror, if they do not do something to stop this?

  4. Well what can one say. Not having been there puts comments like mine in the shade. I could say I told you so as I said in my 1st and 2nd comments but that does not help anybody.
    The important thing for all organic farmers is to know who the enemy is and study this case because unless you unite as a lobby group they will pick you off 1 by 1.
    As I said before I think the real problem Morningland faced was that they were registered with the Missouri milk board and were too successful. Being registered is like having a foot in both camps and you are governed by there regulations
    To be truly free to trade as they liked Morningland needed to be out of the government system altogether.
    They could always appeal but if they do they must insist on a common law court and Jury
    Regards Graham B-L

  5. @ Ivy I care very much . My family and I sent sent $75.00 for cheese. I agree with G B-L that there needs to be a coalition of organic farmers to stand up to this. If anyobe caught wind of the police showing at a health food store in California a few months back with guns drawn to confiscate raw milk….! Real food is a big threat to our current administration as it creates real people. I am very sad about this and post regularly as news comes in. The charges and machinations are clearly made by a body of people who have no understanding of good farming practices or rather want to spread misinformation. They want to undermine good eating because it leads to an enslaved dumbed down population. Tom Vilsack of Montsanto is the head of the Dept. of Agriculture. That speaks volumes in itself with a move to outlaw seeds that reproduce and the approval of GMO alfalfa. Control food = control the population. Here in NY we are facing the poisoning of our Delaware Watershed and the 21 million people plus it provides water to through hydro-fracking. The assaults are relentless. We must persevere and learn from our neighbors losses. Wisconsin is not taking no for an answer. That’s encouraging. We the People.

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