Update: A Decision Expected on Monday

Today was the teleconference where the judge heard more information regarding the stay. He will make this decision on Monday.

What seems apparent from the documents – and you can read them below – is that the Missouri Attorney General’s office is scared that the cheese will get away. They even asked that the Dixon’s post a bond of $250,000.00, which was later reduced to $2,000.00. [At this point in this post, let me remind you to donate some money, some more money, via Pledgie because they really, really are in need. ]

This is the Memo in Oppostion Defendent’s Petition [opens as a PDF]. Can you count how many times the Plaintiff [state of Missouri] claims their rights? How one sided is that?

Here’s what the Memo says in regard to their fear that the cheese will sprout feet and abscond:

If a stay is granted and the cheese continues to remain undestroyed, Defendant [the Dixons] will retain control over it and the risk to the public remains great. Should the Defendant remain in control of the cheese, the cheese might be shipped out of state, stolen and consumed, or donated as food to a food pantry.

This is Exhibit A – Rescission of Activities and Practices Involving Production, Sale and Marketing of Raw Milk Products. This is where the Dixons tell the court that they are going private and will only sell to private members. This is the main reason that they need more donations. In order to stay alive and keep the farm running until the final judgment is rendered.

Here is Exhibit B – Request for Judicial Notice, where Joseph Dixon makes his claim, and rightly so…”follow the teachings and precepts of scripture as the absolute and final authority in heaven and upon the earth.”

As I understand it, the AG’s office is very uncomfortable with all of the transparency. They’d much rather have everything kept out of the public eye. No kidding. If I were them, I’d want that too.

6 responses to “Update: A Decision Expected on Monday

  1. Can we acknowledge in any way that we are part of this private organization? I have made a donation recently and have consumed their cheese for several years and never had any sort of problem. Is there a chance that the cheese can be saved?

    • It is doubtful that the cheese can be saved. The deck is stacked against MLD, and by proxy all of us. The judicial system has failed the common guy in favor of ‘let’s make up the rules as we go along, rule of law be damned, and no common sense should ever prevail’. No one has ever been made sick by ML’s cheese. How about the Skippy peanut butter, again with the peanut butter, being recalled because of some food borne illness. Are the corporate owners of these products being railroaded out of business? They ought to be.

      In conclusion, I say, shame on the State of Missouri, shame on the Missouri Milk Board, and shame on the Attorney General’s office. Shame, shame, shame.

  2. Where’s the Pledgie so I can donate??? It used to be on the website? Whad ch do wit it? 🙂

  3. @Googa: I received a letter from MD with all the info about going private. Get in touch with them and ask them to send you the packet. They are selling cheese bought from another farm since they can’t sell their own but I am getting my order together today!

  4. Thanks Elaine. I’ll contact them today.

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