The History of Morningland Dairy VS FDA

The saga of how Morningland Dairy of Mountain View, Missouri has been railroaded can be found here.

Even though Morningland Dairy has ALWAYS being compliant with food safety rules and regulations, and despite the fact that the FDA found NOTHING wrong at their dairy (if there really is a problem, it’s out in California!), Morningland has been forced to recall and embargo their cheeses based on a sample taken from a cheese that was seized in California (four months after it left Missouri) – and not tested until 55 days after the samples were seized.

FDA took over 100 swabs of the dairy, and ALL the samples tested came back 100% free of pathogens. FDA and the Missouri Milk Board have declared that Morningland Dairy must DESTROY ALL 50,000 pounds of their cheese product sitting in their coolers. This is about $250,000 worth of assets, in addition to all the cheese destroyed due to the recall at Rawesome. This is the livelihood of 9 families.

The Link to their blog, where they update on the situation, is here.

If Morningland can’t sell the cheese because the Missouri Milk Board and the FDA want all this wholesome food destroyed, they may well lose their business which has been in operation for 30 years. Through all those years, Morningland is able to boast that NO ONE has EVER been made ill by their cheese!

This is a watershed moment in the course of who gets to choose what you eat. Who decides? FDA or you?

13 responses to “The History of Morningland Dairy VS FDA

  1. Folks, as always, be sure to write to your elected Public Servants, and the appointees put in place by those Public Servants.

    Here are some links to get your message where it needs to go. 🙂

    And be sure to send a nice note to Karen Prescott, the chair of the Missouri Milk Board, asking her just why she feels it is necessary to shut down a dairy with no valid test results to give reason to do so. You might also ask why her employee lied and said that he did the testing when he never even so much as touched a Morningland Cheese… Just sayin’.

    • I find it odd that they would go to such an extreme as counter-indicated by the testes they did run. But then we never did say that the bureaucrats were logical in any sense of the word.

      I would like to be the one tasked with the destruction of the product esp if they won’t let you charge me for the opportunity. Then again my sister has 2 goats sand I happen to like their cheese and milk.

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  5. I would say you are being targeted. going to fire off some email to the links provided. It makes me sad and angry.

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  8. There are always two sides to a story! They are not out to destroy family farms. If the cheese was safe (or if the plant/farm was safe) then they wouldn’t have shut them down. Clearly there is another side to the story that we are not being told.
    And it is wrong for the family to ask people for their money. I understand that the cheese was their source of income and has been taken away. Unfortunately, events like this happen and you need to move forward even if you don’t agree with it. Instead of sitting around asking others to give you their money so you can move forward and survive, do it on your own. There is always a way to work for it if you are determined enough.

    • They certainly are out to destroy family farms. There is another small cheese maker not far away in Missouri that they are trying to do the same thing to. And they will succeed most likely.

      This blog is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Want to know why? Because we submit to a higher authority, the Judge of all, the righteousness of all, you may call him God, I call him by his real name, Yahweh.

      Unfortunately, events like this happen and you need to move forward even if you don’t agree with it.

      Seriously? That’s what the people in Germany said when they were hauling away the Jews.

      As for the request for donations….yesterday A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS was hauled to a dump to be put in a landfill. That was the sum total of the Dixon’s retirement money. Seems to me a pitch in of $25. or $50. or even as little as $10. helps.

    • Wow, Leigh, you sure make a lot of assumptions – and it’s pretty obvious that you have not given more than a cursory read to the abundant information here on this site.

      If you actually cared enough about what is happening in this country, and were not so intent on being complicit with your nanny state, you would have read all the details – including and especially the govt’s own documents.

      Having read all the information, a person with reasonable critical thinking skills would have come to the conclusion that something very, very bad just happened to an innocent family.

      But no, you instead toe the party line, and perhaps hope that if you follow the example of the German population in WWII, you may be exempt from any further govt restrictions.

      Just follow the rules, isn’t that right? Just “do your job” and everything will be dandy, nicht wahr?

  9. Leigh, I’m sorry, but your opening comment shows that you are very ignorant about what is occurring, not only in food manufacturing but in farming.
    Look up some articles on consolidation and check sources referenced. Drive around the country side and see how many Mom and Pop dairies are sitting empty.
    Family farms have been under attack, and it isn’t to “keep you safe”; it’s to control the land, our wealth, and your access to food that WON’T make you sick.

  10. Looks like the Devil is alive and well in the Free Masonic Lucifer worshiping state of Missouri. After all if this state can “idolize” a Mass Murderer and 32d degree Free Mason who gave the “order” to “vaporize” hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings (Yes…Harry Truman is in HELL!), then following that same “evil spirit” to destroy this family and their business is easy for those doing it. My blood pressure is up and when I read a comment by “Frontal Lobotomy Leigh”, I am more convinced then ever we as a now “reprobate minded nation” have been given over to the very powers of hell itself. The conscience of this nation is “seared”.. it is beyond past feeling and it’s heart of flesh has turned to stone and Beelzebub rules! .

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