Uncheese Party, How To Sponsor a Cheese


The average price per pound is $5.00 so a 5 lb block of cheese would be $25.00.

Click here to lend your support to: Uncheese Party and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

Or, you can send your sponsorship checks or money orders directly to the dairy. Just let them know what the money is for, and I’m sure a note of encouragement would certainly be appreciated.

Morningland Dairy
6248 County Road 2980
Mountain View, MO 65548

Now, folks, remember, this is a PARTY , so INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, your neighbors, your mere acquaintances to join us!

Plaster the message on other boards you frequent, put it on your Facebook Status, make a YouTube video and hey! maybe it’ll go viral!

We have to stand together as raw milk consumers and producers, or we WILL see the day where we can’t even grow food for our own consumption!

Let’s get Morningland back on its feet – our enduring right to consume wholesome, healthy food depends on it.


Legal Stuff because you know we live in a litigious country…

  1. You won’t be getting any cheese, that is why this is called an UnCheese Party. The cheese is still under embargo.
  2. All donations are for expenses and possible legal fees.
  3. Your generous donation is NOT tax deductible. See sidebar for more information regarding your donation.

15 responses to “Uncheese Party, How To Sponsor a Cheese

  1. I will be ordering cheese when i can…so glad you have this!!

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  3. David Raphael Israel

    Hi — happy to read about your good efforts to continue your good work. I was raised on raw milk and raw milk products (thanks to the Altadena Dairy of the early 1970s in So. California), and I continue to love these fine products!
    I will be happy to buy some of your cheese. Looking forward to a website update (with Paypal link), to help expedite this.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your kind words and your support. If you will just look a bit lower on this page https://uncheeseparty.wordpress.com/ you will find the Pledge Badge. Click through that and you will be able to make a donation via Paypal.

      You aren’t actually buying any cheese, please understand that. The cheese is under embargo and is supposed to be destroyed. What you are doing is sponsoring an uncheese.

      Peace and grace,

  4. This is wrong…so wrong. It is outrageous! I am furious to be a NJ resident having moved from Seattle and cannot legally buy raw milk!!! I was just back in Seattle and noticed that Whole Foods has pulled all raw milk from their shelves…even though it’s legal!! What is happening here…we must stop this nonsense and fight for our right to consume raw milk and cheese and to stop scaring consumers . At our Whole Foods here in NJ they were carrying grass fed raw cheddar from NY and it suddenly disappeared…all the questions got no real answers as to why it was gone…I’m feeling slowly taken over in a bad way. I’m in for my cut of the block and am ready to rally.

    • The reason Whole Foods stopped carrying raw milk is out of an abundant, and irrational fear, of being sued in case anyone ever got sick from drinking raw milk. Yes, raw milk, raw cheese, the devil’s spawn of food. It’s all backwards, isn’t it? Rather than making GMOs illegal, as an example of what the Poster Child for sick food looks like, they are coming down hard on raw foods.

      Be a 10-minute Citizen, won’t you, and tell all of your friends to donate to the Dixons so that they can afford to go to court with the best lawyer available. Write letters to the Governor of Missouri, the Milk Board, the FDA, etc. 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

      Peace and grace,

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  6. Interestingly enough, I just interviewed a family run business that makes bread (TheBreadBeckers.com) and in their cookbooks there is a website for the only raw dairy farm they recommend – Morningland. In my backstory research, I found this gross miscarriage of freedom. I’ll be putting this link in my podcast along with sponsoring uncheeses. Thanks for all you do, Sharon, et. al.! — Veggie Val


  8. Edward J Winegart DDS

    I raised six of Gods healthiest children on Altadena Certified raw milk and cheese. We need it back.

  9. This is an injustice.Why isn’t this being reported on the news.We need to be worrying more about the people in this country and not other countries.You have my support and I hope my donation will help out.Hopefully more people see this and Donate no one who works so hard should be punished for no reason. This is getting out of control.

  10. Hi. I just made my donation to save the dairy. I encourage everyone to give whatever you can. This is our future for free food choices.
    Blessings to the families who have to fight this. For everyone’s sake, I pray they win. I heard there was an IRS case where the IRS went after a farm and the IRS lost.

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