Under Orders to Destroy

Morningland Dairy is under orders to destroy 50,000 lbs of cheese. Since they can’t sell it, friends and supporters are rallying to sponsor this cheese, so the family won’t lose their farm. That is why it is called an uncheese party. By sponsoring a cheese you are making a non-tax deductible gift of love, aid and comfort to a farm in distress.

To be clear, the government will not let you have this cheese, but The Uncheese Party is being held by friends of Morningland Dairy, to make sure the farmers will still make the money they have earned. Your generosity will keep this farm alive, or it will surely be driven out of business by the actions of the ‘food police’.

The Dixon family still has to pay the bills, mortgage, labor, utilities, while seeking their legal right to due process. Right now, after dumping their milk for five weeks, they are selling their valuable milk at wholesale instead of making cheese, which is a substantial loss. Several families rely on this farm as a sole means of support. Donations of $5 will cover 1 pound of cheese that Morningland is prohibited from selling. If we get all the cheese in their inventory paid for, Morningland has a good chance to weather this storm and continue to provide their cheese to those who want freedom of choice in their food.

Please, join us in sending a message that we, the people want justice for Morningland Dairy.

To sponsor an uncheese click through here (link opens in a new window) and make a donation via the PayPal link.

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