Morningland Dairy—The Final Solution

Morningland Dairy—The Final Solution

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The Door to Morningland Dairy Cheese House

The Door to Morningland Dairy Cheese House

On August 26th, 2010 the destruction of Morningland Dairy began. Having lost a two and half year battle with cancer of the State, the interment will take place on January 25th, 2013.

People involved in all aspects of food production, be it growing, processing or distributing, should read through all the documentation [found on this blog – Hen] and understand that Morningland’s saga is the model for all independent food production under the FDA’s new Food Safety Modernization Act. Critical to this destruction are “science-based standards” as opposed to scientifically accurate controls and concerns. The Global Food Safety Initiative combined with “Good Agricultural Practices” and the “Guide to Good Farming” will ensure that an inability to feed the population will occur.  Morningland Dairy is an early casualty of these “science based standards”.

Visions and Hopes-The Birth

Joseph and Denise Dixon took over Morningland Dairy after Denise completed a two year internship with the founders of Morningland, Jim and Margie Reiner. The Dixons finalized the purchase and began improvements on the Missouri Milk Board inspected and approved raw milk cheese plant in October of 2008. The entire family was tremendously pleased because this would allow Joseph to be home with the family instead of on the road working as an electrician in the eastern half of the United States.  The Dixons wanted to expand the varieties of cheese made by the company and ventured into a broader array of production.

Their desire was to help other families in the historically poverty stricken Missouri Ozarks to make an actual living on the farm and allow families to stay together. They consulted with the Missouri Milk Board and arranged for two families to begin providing goat milk to Morningland and launched a popular goat milk cheese line shortly after taking over the company.

Goat Cheese Ready for Labeling

Goat Cheese Ready for Labeling

Morningland had six employees and other farming families dependent upon the continuance of the cheese plant. On August 26th, 2010, it came to a screeching halt.

While Joseph and Denise were at a cheese making conference in Washington State, the plant manager received a call from the Missouri Milk Board stating that there was an issue of potential contamination found by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) in Morningland cheese.

The cooler of $250,000 worth of cheese was immediately put under embargo, more accurately understood as house arrest, by the Missouri Milk Board. Don Falls, an inspector for the Milk Board, told the plant manager, “You should be back up and running by early next week.” Obviously, that wasn’t true. As a matter of fact, the very next morning, presumably after he spoke with the FDA, Falls’ entire attitude changed.

Over the weekend, the FDA leaked a nation wide recall on all of Morningland’s cheese produced in 2010. Not just the two batches that California indicated might be “suspect” for contamination, but their entire year’s production. Most of the cheese implicated as “suspect” by California had already been consumed. No complaints or ill effects were reported by any of the consumers of any of Morningland’s cheese. Nonetheless, the FDA required all of their products to be recalled.

 Cheese in Morningland's Cooler In Happier Days

Cheese in Morningland’s Cooler In Happier Days

Death by Bureaucracy

 Very few people realize the FDA has an armed and very military aspect. They showed up at Morningland in camouflage and made a lovely impression on those able to be at the unveiling of the future of food safety “FDA style”.

The FDA and Milk Board worked hand in hand to ensure that this little cheese plant in the midst of the Missouri Ozarks, that hadn’t made anyone sick in 30 years, would never make another batch of cheese for their loyal customers. Yet the FDA, who admit to killing 100,000 people a year, are allowed to gain ever more control over everything we take into our bodies. So the tally on deaths over the 30 year history of Morningland Dairy versus the FDA is:  Morningland “Zero”, FDA “3 Million”…or somewhere near that.

Despite significant effort, the FDA found no contamination in any cracks or drains in the cheese plant or even on the legs of the milk talk in the dairy barn. This evidence was not allowed to be introduced as part of Morningland’s defense because the Missouri Attorney General’s office contended that the FDA “was a separate issue.”

When pointedly asked what the specific process for getting the cheese plant back into production was, the Milk Board representative said it would involve a panel and consultation with the FDA to determine if that were a possibility. The members of the panel, other than the Milk Board and the FDA, and the specific requirements and processes were never delineated and no effort to achieve anything other than the destruction of the plant was ever evidenced by any official arm of the State of Missouri.

Neither the State of Missouri or the FDA ever conducted any tests on Morningland’s cheese. As a matter of fact, when Morningland tried to contract with a State approved lab to do proper tests on batches of their cheese, they were told that the lab simply did not want to get involved in the controversy. Morningland was denied the ability to legitimately test their product and defend their livelihood.

Adding insult to injury, Milk Board employee Don Falls testified in court and under oath that improperly collected cheese samples, taken with no supervision and no instruction by an employee of Morningland for the plant’s manager, were in fact the State’s own tests.  This remains a very sore point for Joseph Dixon. He says, “When one commits perjury and no one in authority will hold them accountable for it, that individual and the system they support are nothing more than liars and thieves. In this case, the theft is of our ability to provide for our family and is based on bearing false witness to harm people who have harmed no one.”

Real Life Costs

 While bureaucrats masquerading as “protectors of public health” continue to be paid every month for the tortures they put people through, those being raped and pillaged by the very system that is supposed to “protect” them have to somehow come to terms with the fact that their very own tax dollars are being used to continue the offense.

When it became clear to the Dixons that the Missouri Milk Board was unwilling to work with them toward any resolution that would allow the cheese plant to resume operation or allow for the least bit of recompense for the $250,000 of cheese in the cooler, not even deeming the cheese safe for ultra high pasteurization to be put into dog food, Joseph contacted his previous employer and went back to work as an electrician….away from his home and family.

The Dixons, parents to 12 children, steeled themselves to do what they admonished their children to do. To stand for what was right no matter what the odds against them were. After their appeal for trial by jury was denied, they knew that they would need to face a State Agency, represented by the State Attorney, in front of judges appointed by the State. While they hoped that truth would prevail and that reality would actually be addressed, they didn’t go into this battle wearing rose colored glasses.

Initially, after over five weeks of dumping milk, some of their adult children milked the cows and Morningland sold into the commercial pasteurized chain, trying to make the farm pay for itself. When milk prices plummeted and the cost of feed soared, the decision to close the milk barn down was made. But the Dixons still needed to make the payment on the property they couldn’t use to make a living with any longer. They also had to pay to keep the cheese cooler running as the cheese was still under house arrest and effectively a ward of the State.

With Joseph again away from home during the week, and all the expense of keeping things in tact on the farm, things were difficult. Then Denise’s father became bed-ridden and her mother broke her ankle, so Denise and the younger children went to Ohio to care for her parents.

While the State employees continued to collect their wages, Denise Dixon nursed her mother back to wellness and cared for her father until he passed away. During this time, she had to make a couple of trips back to Missouri to face charges of contempt and allegations of attempting to sell illegal product.

None of the human issues in the disruption of lives and the stress of such assaults by the State seem to be taken into account when figuring the costs of these kinds of actions.

Should one believe the deductions set forth by Missouri’s Courts in this case, and take as fact the aspersions and allegations cast against Morningland in the court transcripts, the conclusion could be drawn that the State was the “Knight in Shining Armor” protecting the unwitting public against immoral people trying to poison their customers with products they created to be harmful.

But the truth is, the truth of the matter doesn’t matter. At least not to agents of the State of Missouri, but the People of Missouri generally hold a different opinion.

“Admittedly,” says Denise, “some of the tactics employed and the characterization of us running a “filthy” facility with “diseased animals” stunned us, but our Father is still in charge, and our hope is not in justice being served in man’s system.”

The End is Near

After exhausting all appeals, the cheese, still being kept cool in the refrigerator at Morningland Dairy, is set to be fully destroyed by the agents of the State, the Missouri Milk Board, on January 25th, 2013.

Two and a half years later, one could reasonably argue that the untended cheese has already been destroyed, and to some extent, that would be accurate. Just imagine that you close your refrigerator door and don’t get permission to look into it for 2 ½ years. How would that look to you? While pickles or olives might still be alright, it is highly likely that your dairy products would be a little bit off after such neglect, right?

Denise Dixon said, “After 6 months, the Colby was already gone, and that was about one fourth of the total cheese inventory. After not tending to it, no turning, no repackaging, no monitoring, at least half the cheddar has been ruined. The destruction has already taken place. Our family business, our livelihood, and our ability to provide people with living, positive food has been destroyed.”

Morningland's Cooler Now

Morningland’s Cooler Now

The Missouri Milk Board has ordered two dumpsters to be delivered to Morningland Dairy. So the cheese, which is “not fit for dog food”, will be put into dumpsters and delivered to a landfill to be consumed by wildlife which evidently are immune to the pathogens feared to be present.

Morningland Dairy will never be in business again.

No offer has been made by the Milk Board to prescribe the conditions that would need to be met by the operators to allow them to resume business. The Judge presiding over the case originally did write a regulatory prescription from the bench that was completely implausible for anyone to meet. It included a requirement to insure that no milking animal had bacteria indicative of potential mastitis at all prior to milking the animal.

To put that one judicial regulation into perspective, allow me to draw a parallel for those unfamiliar with milking animals. You milk twice a day, every day. The milk is “commingled” into one tank. So, imagine this….before sending your child to school, you must take a nasal swab and have it cultured to ensure that your child is not harboring a potential bacterial infection before boarding the bus. You would have to pay for this lab technician to be present every morning and for the tests. When your child came home in the afternoon, the same process would be repeated. You would have the immense pleasure of paying for this and keeping the records to validate the bacterial level present at each measuring.

While the scenario imagined above may not be literally impossible, it is certainly improbable, and it would be impossible to have any profit above the cost of production in such a scenario. But that wasn’t all that this judge set forth as regulation for Morningland from behind the bench, with no comprehension of dairy production or cheese-making  The other prescriptions the judge made would have cost more than $100,000 in hard costs, with additional continuing costs for excessive testing during the cheese-making process. He also still required the destruction of all cheese in the cooler, not allowing any batches to be cleared through testing. Additionally, the Missouri Milk Board never indicated that they would accept Morningland returning to production even if they did comply with the Judge Dunlap’s outlandish prescriptions.

The Missouri Milk Board nor the FDA have offered any process by which Morningland might be allowed to resume business and the courts have seemingly upheld Judge Dunlap’s regulating from the bench.

The Battle Is Over

Joseph and Denise Dixon of Morningland Dairy have given everything to this fight. Battling the State wasn’t really about them at all, but about our nation, our freedom, and our ability to choose food for ourselves and for our families that is truly nourishing and real. They held nothing back, but finally, the repeated systemic attacks have run their full course, and the dreams, hopes and labors of love poured into Morningland have succumbed.

As Joseph Dixon has summarized, “The state of Missouri has 6 million people from whom they draw tribute (taxes), from which they could fight us. To fight them, we had 65 cows.  And the truth never seemed even to be a consideration, let alone a goal.”

The Dixons no longer have those cows. They no longer have the cheese. They no longer have the family business and have lost all Joseph’s retirement savings, which the cheese represented. They are left with a skeleton. A milk barn with no cows, and a cheese plant with no milk, nor permission to ever make cheese again.

On January 25th, friends and family will witness the pulling of the plug on the cooler and the removal of the $250,000 worth of food created to nourish but prevented from fulfilling it’s purpose by bureaucracy and science based standards that have no basis in true science.

Rest In Peace, Morningland. Righteous judgment will come.


For more information about the fight for Food Freedom visit .

 You can also donate to help the family begin the next segment of their lives.

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  1. I am so saddened by this post. I cannot imagine a worse president than what we have today. Everything just seems get worse and worse. The democratic party is just a shell of its former self and a shill of the oligarchy that is running our world today. I remind myself that God will prevail, but it is all such a shame and a waste. I am especially sorry for the Dixons, who only wanted to do good things and make healthy food for all of us. I will pray and donate what I can, and remember “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience stands He waiting, with exactness grinds He all.”

    • I don’t know if you mean precedent or president, but you are right on either count.

      Stay close to Yahweh, hide in his wings. He will prevail, on his own timeline though. It can be frustrating, all the waiting.

    • Yanniick Phillips

      Can we stop blaming the President. Democrats or Republicans…do see either coming to the rescue?!! It’s not about the President it’s about Corporate America trying to trump over the small farms….through the government vein…plain and simple.

      • Thank you Yaniick. That’s exactly what I was thinking. This isn’t a matter of democrats or republicans. It’s a matter of large corporations using their money to do one thing and one thing only: make more money, no matter who or what they hurt in the process.

      • It looks to me like its really government authorized “governing boards” Your right not the President, Republicans or Democrats directly but it is government. But it is not corporate America unless you are concluding that a few large corporations are controlling the governing bodies. Reread it. California Board of Food and Agriculture, FDA, Missouri Milk Board, etc.
        I think we can agree that it is not right and an injustice.

      • Absolutely. . .corporate America continues to win when we don’t focus on who is really to blame.

      • YP you are correct but so are all those who blame government. The whole incestuous stench has many contributors.

      • If the simpletons in government weren’t the vehicle through which the bad boys operate it would be plain and simple. However, excusing the corrupt lying government by negating the huge part they play is at best foolish ignorance and at worst empowering the corruption.

    • It is sickening, and very sad… You try to make a life for yourself and this is what it comes too. God will serve His justice and the Dixons will be rewarded in Heaven for their diligence.

  2. Denise, Joe… There are no words to express my incredible sorrow at the horror you have endured. I know you have fought long and hard, when others would have given up.

    We are called to be faithful, and you have both been a shining example of that faithfulness.

    May God our Father continue to bless you.

  3. I hate that you became a casualty of the completely unconstitutional and out of control government. This garbage will not continue for long as the real heroes of this country are starting to step up and say no more. Thank you for delivering to me and my family and extended family a truly quality product for several years. In fact, we were able to enjoy our last Morningland cheese (which was part of this tyrannical recall) and never even thought about throwing it away. It was perfect, just like all the other we had purchased. I wish I could have donated more money to help the fight but it appears that no matter how right you were those tyrants were going to make “an example” out of you. It is a sad day in Amerika when this is allowed to happen. I wish you well!

  4. This is so sad.Thank you Dixons for fighting the good fight against this new tyranny and setting an example of hard work and standing your ground for good over evil.

  5. God’s Timeline is Here Now. The time to resist Tyranny is Now my Brothers and Sisters. Our God is speaking to all of us through our hearts. He is telling you that you need to stand up and speak out instead of bending over. Follow the money trail all the way to the International Bankster Crime Syndicate headquartered in the “City of London” This “City of London” is 1 sq. mile within London that operates as its own city-state. It has its own laws [Englands laws do not apply in this on-shore/off-shore Bankster Haven]. This is where they manufacture money out of thin air and charge US interest. We are their Debt Slaves. They steal it from US and ship our money and jobs overseas for their Wars and subterfuge{ i.e.Terrorism]. Did you know that the Federal Reserve is a foreign owned Bankster Ponzi Scheme that has never been audited. For 100 years this Foreign owned Extortion Racket has been pillaging and plundering Our Country. All the Financial Crisis from Leeman Bros. to Bear Stearns to MF Global to JP Morgan Chase etc. ALL come out of the “City of London”. Stand Up Citizens of the new, Independent United States of America. We need to Fire the Fed and have the US Treasury issue our own Debt Free Currency. We need no longer to give a monopoly money creation authority to these Foreign New World Order Banksters. We hereby cancel all fraudulent debt. We can create our own currency and put it to work for US by rebuilding and modernizing our infastructure. We can solve all of our problems. The world belongs to everyone and everyone of US needs to join together and take the necessary actions to stop the Dark Force. Be idle no more. Arise !!!

    • Kelly Fulton

      Wow. Do you have more things written on this issue you speak of? I believe you are correct. I just don’t know what I can do to prepare for what is coming.

  6. What does this have to do with our president?!

    • Because he and the FLOTUS are not for small business or for healthy food. If you listen carefully when she talks about feeding children or the poor she never talks about the dangers of GMOs.

      That’s what it has to do with him.

      • Why in the world are you blaming the President? It’s the FDA that’s to blame and as of the W regime the FDA has been owned by corporations, who incidently, have a lot of interest in making sure that small farms DON’t become successful. Don’t blame the president.

      • What did I say? This is the third and last time…

        I am pretty sure I said that the current POTUS and FLOTUS are not for small business or healthy food. I didn’t blame the situation on them because the dirtiness of mainstream, conventional food has been coming on for a very long time. The current POTUS did sign the Food Safety Modernization Act though even though hundreds of thousands of people asked Congress to change the wording.

        It’s kind of cool that you outed yourself by bringing W into it. Time to move on (get it?) from there.

      • Liberal insanity gets tiring…they are the only people that can so blatantly ignore facts……

        Any president can replace the head of any of these agencies in the blink of an eye and change their directions 180 degrees. I think the readers have enough discernment to see BS and ignorance when they encounter it.

  7. Doreen Hannes, I don’t like the FDA any more than you do but this statement is a complete misrepresentation of the facts: “Yet the FDA, who admit to killing 100,000 people a year, …” I am outraged by what happened to Morningland Dairy but it doesn’t help their cause at all to make such hysterical and outright wrong statements. It seriously damages your credibility.

    • Hello, Mrs. Repko, Hen here.

      Did you even look at the FDA’s info on that link? Here, for your reading pleasure:
      Why Learn about Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)?
      Institute of Medicine, National Academy Press, 2000
      Lazarou J et al. JAMA 1998;279(15):1200–1205
      Gurwitz JH et al. Am J Med 2000;109(2):87–9

      Over 2 MILLION serious ADRs yearly
      100,000 DEATHS yearly
      ADRs 4th leading cause of death ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia, accidents and automobile deaths
      Ambulatory patients ADR rate—unknown
      Nursing home patients ADR rate— 350,000 yearly

      Just saying….

      • I did, in fact, use your link to look. That is how I know this claim is hysterical. It clearly states that Adverse Drug Reactions result in 100k deaths. Not that the FDA kills 100k people per year. It does not say what the causes of the ADRs were, whether from bad pharmaceuticals or from patient abuse. The FDA claims to be helping prevent more deaths from ADRs. While I personally believe the FDA may be doing more harm than good, I also believe that insinuating that the FDA kills 100k per year not only misinterprets what is actually said, but is at the very least, inflammatory and irresponsibly misleading. I’m on your side but you don’t help our cause by becoming irrational.

    • The credibility in question here, Ms Repko, is yours.
      To point out the truth is hardly hysterical.
      If you question the truth, the burden is on you to hit the points and disprove them.

      My bet is that you are unable to do so.

  8. Will there be some kind of ceremony, event or picnic (with grilled CHEESE sandwiches?) on the 25th? Morning, afternoon? And who is pulling the plug? Are any of the milk board employees daring to show up? Or will they send an anonymous flunky in camo suit, full body armor and packing heat? I hope someone has a camera.

    • Good idea, Debra. 🙂

      I thought of showing up in black, maybe with some signs.

      Do we have any idea of what time they will show up? (And no, I seriously doubt that Koster and his minions will show.)

  9. The Dixons haven’t indicated to me that they will be having a picnic or anything. The Missouri Milk Board will definitely have representatives, likely Don Galls, Gene Wiseman, and/or Roger Neill. In reality, anyone there on behalf of the State will have to identify themselves if asked by the Dixons. The land and the buildings are still their property.
    To Ms. Repko, I’m not really sure what your problem is, but I will attempt to clarify my take on this situation for you.Since the FDA’s admission has already been cited, I won’t bother with that.
    First of all, the FDA and their State counterparts treat food as a controlled substance. This is well documented and quite available for anyone with the least bit of interest in the matter. Here is a link to an article I wrote about the FDA’s filing in a suit brought against them by FTCLDF (
    Read the pdf yourself. You can get it at the bottom of this link:

    To summarize, the FDA asserts:
    There is No Right to Consume or Feed Children Any Particular Food (pg25)
    There is No Generalized Right to Bodily and Physical Health. (pg26)
    There is No Fundamental Right to Freedom of Contract (pg 27)
    FDA’s Regulations Rationally Advance The Agency’s Public Health Mission (pg27)

    If that isn’t sufficient, you should search out the FDA on GMO’s and their thinking on that.
    Then you can look for the FDA’s self described areas of control, including live food animals on the farm (from memory, I believe the FDA rep testifying was Rob’t Barrett) and of course the drugs they approve that they admit have killed 100,000 people per year. Who knows how many get diabetes, heart disease, Chron’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc from either their drugs or their approved “food”.
    If that isn’t sufficient it’s likely nothing can help you.
    I feel fine about my credibility. My opinions are based on their documents and substantiated by them as well. The FDA and their State counterparts are the one’s whose credibility is lacking.

    • To say that the FDA kills 100,000 people per year because FDA-approved drugs do is simply asinine. I, too, am completely on your side when it comes to the issues surrounding Morningland, but you lose the support of rational people when you claim that the FDA is responsible for those deaths. What do you suggest as an alternative? That the FDA not regulate drugs at all? That would only lead to more deaths from adverse drug reactions. Maybe we simply have no pharmaceutical drugs? Yeah, that should work.

      • No one is saying that, Joe.

        Hey, did you know that the FDA is courting the idea of poop therapy? It apparently cures C-dif, a huge problem in hospitals.

        And the latest flu vaccine is incubated in ovary cells of Army Worms. Approved by the FDA, came out on the market in the last few weeks.

        Anyone who doesn’t believe that FDA is the marketing arm of big Pharma needs to do some studying.

      • “……Hey, did you know that the FDA is courting the idea of poop therapy? It apparently cures C-dif, a huge problem in hospitals…… ”

        Screw the FDA getting involved in anything. But there is much to learn about the importance of gut flora. If anyone wants to go down that rabbit hole here are some direction to look. The first 2 flicks are the most useful:

      • For one Joe if you knew the slightest thing about the reason that we instituted government you would know that to regulate what we put into our bodies was not one of them. Not even close.

        If you did your homework you would also see that the FDA does not protect us. What it does is allow drug companies to make lots of money by endangering our health. The 100,000 figure is probably very low.

        And yes it would be better if we didn’t have the vast majority pharmaceutical drugs. You would have to do your due diligence to you to understand that ,and I don’t have time to explain it to you. Listen to people like Dr. Joel Wallach or Pharmacist Ben Fuchs if you want to begin that journey of understanding.

        We need the free market in medicine as we strive to have in most other walks of life.

      • The point is the FDA doesn’t regulate. It has people who are paid handsomely to approve “research” that never is performed accurately (or most drugs would not make it to market). Cheaper to pay in lawsuits than to not sell a med. Open your eyes and realize $$ are all that matter to those in power. It’s not at all about safety or service to the public.

    • I’m not arguing that the FDA is good. I’m not arguing that the government has no business in regulating our food. I’m arguing that the 100k death thing is neither admitted to nor attributable to the FDA. A few of you are absolutely misinterpreting what that means and spreading the implication that the FDA admits they kill 100k people per year. You’re ascribing meaning to that line on their site that simply is not there.

  10. shotgunwildatheart

    News of this sort of tragedy leaves me cynical and doubting my chosen career path (I hope to get into sustainable agriculture one day).

    Sam Rutherford was a great Puritan who wrote the book “Lex Rex” where he discusses when a Christian can rightly disobey the authorities. If a person has exhausted all correct channels, and if it’s impossible for the person to flee (because he is heavily invested in the area), then dissident action may become necessary.

    As I do my internships and take my agriculture classes, I’ll be keeping an eye out for how to operate in a black market context. Let the tyrants eat the FDA approved garbage. As for me and my house…

    • Good for you! I. I might respectfully suggest, if I may, that you lose the term sustainable. Sustainable is an Agenda 21 word and Agenda 21 is what has gotten us into this predicament to start with. Well, in some part anyway. Sustainable isn’t sustainable, and that is what they want.

  11. I am so sorry to see Morningland Dairy come to an end, but even
    more sorry that these crazy, unbelievable events even took place to begin with. It’s like a very bad dream, but one, that, unfortunately for all of us, but especially the Dixons, is a reality in our lives today because of all the dishonesty and greed present in our governing system, catering to BIG BUSINESS.

    For over twenty-five years, I’ve bought and loved these cheeses, even
    having a cheese coop for some years, dividing up large amounts of the delicious, various cheeses among friends and like-minded individuals, wanting to support (and eat) healthy, local foods. NO ONE EVER GOT SICK!!

    Let’s hope and pray and visualize that our world will evolve to the beautiful, loving, peaceful and joyful place that our creator intended it to be.

    Best wishes to the Dixon Family.

  12. Have you considered exporting the Cheese to Europe, where no doubt the cheese will be acceptable? Maybe contact a decent wholesaler like Neil’s Yard Dairy, see if they will accept any of it? Surely, the cheese is out of the FDA’s jurisdiction if you are selling abroad?

    • They can’t do anything with the cheese. It is in jail, otherwise known as embargoed. If any of it is missing there would more hell to pay. Please donate to their cause. Help them get their legs back under them.

  13. Margie Buchwalter

    I do hope the FDA/State of Missouri don’t open up the cooler and then decided to test the cheese. With all that has already happened; it wouldn’t surprise me at all. I only wish there would have been (or maybe there is) an unremovable tag on the cooler locker with the date and time it was sealed. Prayers are with the family.

  14. I am sorry that the dairy went under, but after my son and I just suffered several days of extreme misery from food poisoning from processed meat bought in a store, there has to be rules so that people can trust their food supply. Rules are necessary for a safe food supply. Why didn’t they carry insurance?

    • Rules for processed meat yes! You can’t meet your farmer when the meat comes from the vertically integrated concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). I got food poisoning this time last year. I was very ill and it kept rearing it’s ugly head for several months. I ate in a restaurant, that’s how I got it. So I went back to eating food from farmers I know, whose farms I can visit, the animals I can look in the eye. FDA can make all the rules they want but how is that going to protect you from, say, peanut butter where the owner of the manufacturing company continued to put out product when they KNEW their product was tainted?

      You really ought to go read the new Food Safety Modernization Act rules. Google it up. Then when there are no farmers markets next summer, or a decrease in them you’ll know why.

    • Erik from Seattle

      But Pat — there’s a ton of rules now, and they didn’t stop you from getting sick. When a person thinks someone else is responsible for their safety, they stop taking as much care themselves. We all have to step up to being responsible for ourselves and our choices – and we may well find it is safer to trust the farmer down the road, or the big corporation, choice you’ll have to make.

  15. Natural Blesson Farms

    You lose all credibility when you blame what actions the FDA took on the current president. This system has been set up this way for over 20 years. The current president did NOT shape, write, make decisions on or in any way create the laws and policies that the FDA operates under – and you lack an understanding of how government works if you think he can. He also doesn’t control the Missouri Milk Board.

    There are a lot of people who have been fighting the GMO monster and work to educate about the FDA and their totalitarian way of harming farmers and small food providers.

    But you lose our support and all credibility when you make wild claims, include issues that aren’t related (GMOs have nothing to do with the milk/cheese that was deemed unfit here) and make comments about the current President & his wife – again it has NOTHING to do with what happened here.

    This is tragic, but what is also tragic is that you couldn’t stick to the facts of what happened here without polluting it with religious and political rants and calling other people out for the stating the obvious: you need to stick to the facts. That will be the only way the truth is known.

    • Natural Blesson Farms you lose creditability when you try to obfuscate the facts. The facts are that the executive branch controls all of the alphabet soup agencies as if they were puppets on a string.

      The fact is that all of these alphabet soup agencies are unconstitutional and need to be cast to the 4 corners of the earth. Americans are ultimately responsible for sidling idly by.

    • My credibility, and Doreen’s, is fully intact, thank you very much. I am pretty sure I said that the current POTUS and FLOTUS are not for small business or healthy food. I didn’t blame the situation on them because the dirtiness of mainstream, conventional food has been coming on for a very long time. The current POTUS did sign the Food Safety Modernization Act though even though hundreds of thousands of people asked Congress to change the wording.

      Our claims aren’t wild. But I bet you’ll think this claim is: This is a spiritual war. That is a fact. That is the truth. We have rights endowed to use by our Creator (yours and mine and everyone else) to certain things. Food is one. A big one.

    • Could that possibly be Oprah and not Opera?

  16. And their Christian neighbors and churches are silent…. The pastors and flocks of this area need to hang their heads in shame.

  17. This is what happens when you convert your rights to permissions by asking the Caesar for permission to do what is your birthright. Where are the pastors that are teaching this to their flocks?

  18. I think it is way overdue that Americans rise up against our government and take back all our rights to natural food! I have lived in 2 towns in my life- one in the county seat and the other 5 miles away in an old coal mining town- I can’t even own chickens for fresh meat and eggs either place- but dogs bark ALL the time. I have been around chickens and I must say dogs are noisier as well as the feral cats being raped at all hours of the night. I can’t go to the farm I used to go to for “raw” milk as the owners of the farm are not permitted to sell this milk! When are these atrocities to the farms being legally robbed going to end?? I haven’t once seen a referendum on a ballot giving ME the right to vote on what goes in my body. Pedophiles are let out of prison early due to lack of space, but farmers are more dangerous so the gov’t thinks. Instead of wasting millions of dollars to rob farms why don’t we build more prisons for pedophiles??

    • Your focus on natural food is part of the problem Jamie. It reminds me of the warning in Niemöller’s Poem. All of the rights God bestowed upon us need protection not just the ones that may be directly effecting you.

  19. This is a sad state of affairs that is for sure, I am sure if they found the milk full of anti-biotic’s all would have been well;-( If there is any way we could help, please let us know! One comment was about collecting donations, is there a place to do that???~Clay~

  20. I am sorry about your circumstances. I would like to do my part in perhaps empowering you with some information you, the reader, Denise and Joseph, may not be aware of – at least when it comes to settling court rulings.

    There has been recently a rising grassroots empowerment for the common people when confronted by the corrupt government prosecutors.

    First of all, it ought to be known that “we the people” are still under what can be called “maritime law.” The premise by the Powers That Be, is that you and I, the common PERSON, is metaphorically “lost at sea.” A PERSON is actually a fictional entity. It’s something created for the pre-established control of an actual human being or animal or object.
    See below for a video lecture on what constitutes real human sovereignty. Reclaim your Dominion:

    Here, we can learn to empower ourselves to actually control the judges and prosecutors at their own game! Consider seriously. Dean Clifford and Trust Laws and what constitutes the Lie of the court ritual. See the playlists for in-depth lectures.

    I’ll give you all these resources, in case some of you were not aware – because I care about what has been happening. We’ve been controlled in this manner since the time of medieval feudalism – and feudalism laws are still being implemented, as clear from the above story.

    I hope I can help by inspiring any one of you, fellow human beings, to empower yourselves for self-defense by doing the research – to really see how the game is set up against us.

    Best Regards!

  21. Outrage. That is all I feel each time I hear a story about a hard working farmer being crushed beneath politicians sitting on their asses making uninformed decisions. And us Americans?? We will NEVER get our rights back until we STOP ACCEPTING THE HANDOUTS!! Only then can we have say over ourselves again. I’m truly disgusted by this story and my heart goes out to all the families affected.

  22. What is the best way to help?

  23. Thank you all who have kindly made donations. The Dixons really could use the help.

  24. Of course the whole monetary system is a fiat of fantasy. Haha! Of course the foreign entities, such as the Federal Reserve, and beyond, to the foreign institutions across the sea in the UK, create value ex nihilo! Out of nothing. haha!

    Well, donations do help, but sadly only as a reaction, and we never can take the time to actually do some free research to defend ourselves, to prevent tyranny.

  25. This government intrusion/oppression story is eerily familiar. If you can stand to be outraged by more stories like this one, rent the movie Farmageddon. Our government is out of control. Time to wake up and take our country back from the elitist, inside the beltway tyrants who pass laws ‘we the people’ have to live under….while exempting themselves.

  26. I think the statement in the article sums it up best: “The truth of the matter is THE TRUTH DOESN’T MATTER anymore. ” A world that refuses to acknowledge God’s truth is the world in which we now (sadly) live. It’s getting very dark for those who love Him and who stand for truth. We must endure and shine what light we can until He returns. YES, we must resist evil wherever we can. We may not prevail, but we are expected to fight evil rulers and their unjust laws. I pray for the Dixon family and every other family farm operation in this country who works day in and day out to grow or produce food that is healthy and actually good for the consumer. To say thank you will never, ever, be adequate.

  27. It is incredible that the FDA and even the state have not offered any solution to the Dixons to resume running their business. It’s like when the Health Department shuts down a restaurant for code violations and doesn’t tell them what they can do to fix whatever problems they have so they can reopen. It’s like telling them you are done, you will never ever do business again. But in the case of Morningland, they did nothing wrong to warrant any action against them in the first place. Leave it up to California to make an unsubstantiated complaint. It was probably a local competitor who wanted the cheese from Missourie out of the California market. Obviously they succeeded. Sad story.

  28. So, basically someone in California got sick from godknowswhat, blamed it on the Morningland cheese and the FDA goes and quarantines the entire year’s production without proper testing to see if the allegations are true, then waits till the cheese goes bad before ordering it destroyed. Not allowing the Dixon’s to at least cut some of their losses by selling it as a dog food additive was the final nail in the coffin for this small dairy farm. Makes me wonder what will come next. When I was growing up, my family used to grow fruits and vegetables in our large garden, for our own consumption. We also sold the excess harvest at the local farmer’s market and to friends and neighbors. I have a feeling that the FDA will soon ban such practice without licensing. Most likely they will put in place rules that cannot be met by any smalltime farmers. Perhaps, in the future, they will even ban vegetable gardens and only allow people to grow flowers. Eventually the government will force everyone to consume food from large manufacturing companies; the genetically modified foods, the foods sprayed will all kinds of chemical pesticides and the meat and poultry that were treated with hormones and antibiotics, because that’s sooooo much healthier for everyone. I’m very disgusted with the FDA for what they did to this family run farm and cheese producer.

  29. Ok. I get what you are saying, Lynn, but I contend that you are misinterpreting it. The FDA are the one’s who APPROVE these drugs. If they were not approved, the drugs couldn’t kill these people. How many times have you heard about lawsuits against XYZ drug company for egregious injury when the testing actually revealed troubles with the drug that the FDA approved DESPITE the problems? Countless times.

    If you or I approved things that millions consumed, thinking they were safe BECAUSE you or I approved it, and thousands upon thousands died, we would be in prison. The FDA, pretty well owned by Monsanto and other corporate interests, gets MORE authority to control what we choose or are directed to put into our bodies. If they haven’t killed people through approval of these drugs, then who has? The AMA? The drug companies? While I don’t like either of those, they can’t put this stuff out there for public consumption via prescription without the FDA saying they can. So the FDA allows it, and are therefore, at the very least, complicit.

    While you may or may not agree with my assertion that they admit to killing 100,000 per year, it is not hysterical, nor is it hyperbolic. You just don’t like my reasoning. Maybe I don’t like yours. So what? The FDA says it is ok, and then these people are killed by drugs the FDA has given the A-OK to. I didn’t say that they premeditate the specific murders of specific individuals, nor do I think that. They use “science based” risk analysis to approve these drugs based on the tests done by those who stand to gain heavy financial profit.

    Life is not a safe activity. It nearly always leads to death. I would simply rather have the guaranteed right to approve what I put into my body, from whatsoever source I choose, than to put that decision into the hands of people who admit that what they approve kills (at least) 100,000 people a year.

  30. After all this.. I would just like to say.. My heart goes out to you and your family in the sad loss of your business, your family member, probably a good part of your health and all the grief you’ve had to endure. Feeding the people is a good and noble cause, one to be supported and lauded. All my best to you, please come to heal out of this and see the beauty in the day. Cheers.

  31. – and the state wonders why it has enemies.

  32. If the unseen and larger powers that really control this world, can control our food, water, and take our guns away, they can control the masses. They can then control where we live and how. This is all about control.

    • What’s guns got to do with this?! Where’s a gun going to get you against Food Inc.?

    • Guns?? Where did this topic come from? I’ve just spent an hour reading (and learning) about the Dixons’ sad and terrible fate at the hands of government?? Big Pharma?? GMO’s?? or whoever/whatever, and out of nowhere someone mentions “…and take our guns away”. What are you on about?

  33. We can agree that it is all about control of the masses, right Andrew?

    • Honestly? I don’t know. I’m inclined to agree except that I have serious doubts about how deliberate and co-ordinated the control is. I’m also not sure how top-down it is. People don’t need a whole top-down conspiracy to go for junk food.

      Re guns, in most conflicts, guns are a strategic disadvantage. They up the stakes in favour of the oppressor, play into the hands of Arms Inc. and provide a huge distraction. People think what they can do with their guns instead of using their imaginations for more effective, more surprising, tactics.

  34. Reblogged this on .::Earthen:Stewards::. and commented:
    We The People must stand together for Food Freedom.

  35. I don’t see any members of the Missouri delegration in congress stepung in to help them.

  36. Don’t give up yet! Get on and set up a petition immediately! It has helped many people and and it will get the word out fast! People will respond and it can be delivered to people who have the power to help.

  37. This is just awful. I feel so bad for this family and I’m afraid we haven’t seen the worst of things to come. It is horrifying to apprehend that such a thing is happening and there is nothing that can be done about it. It seems that all our freedoms and our rights are being taken away one by one. So sorry for all involved at Morningland. Our country is in big trouble folks.

  38. This WAS my favorite cheese ever. I cannot believe this has happened. How do we all, as a people, fight this type of tyranny? How can we stand up and demand to eat what we choose? How can we band together, pool resources and support each other? Maybe that could be your new business model, begin an organization that pools the people’s resources to help others. Although Obama signed into law this past week that free speech and standing up to govt. is now an offense. Don’t see that on the mainstream news either.

    • It has happened my friends because the American people, and it’s churches have embraced and voted for it. Very very few Americans bother to educate themselves. They do not even know that bankers run the country or that the parties that they voted in have implemented all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.

      This is probably the best crash course on the reality that the idiots that vote have not bothered to learn. Take 90 minutes to learn what you should have learned in grammar school:

  39. Why does it matter

    This all about money and who will stand to lose it. Watch Sick O, Food, Inc. Watch who killed the electric car. Read Kevin Trudeau’s books, Look at the Pharmaceuticals whistle blowers. And the list goes on.
    A very sad state of affairs.

  40. Reblogged this on and commented:
    If you want to donate to a deserving family farm, this is it!

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  42. This cancer is spreading from your country and starting to appear around the world. Educational institutes have been turning out money driven robots for decades now, and those of us opposing the taking of our basic rights are constantly being vilified.
    New Zealand

  43. To Andrea Kaiser above, no one got sick from Morningland cheese. No complaints of any illness or any quality issues were reported at all. The wonder of the CDFA tests is, there were no levels given for the ‘suspected’ contamination, the tests were done 55 days after the raid on Rawesome, and Morningland never sold one pound blocks to Rawesome. I saw all the invoices, and the purchases Rawesome made from Morningland back a full a year before the raid were all for 1/2 pound blocks of cheese. So where the one pound blocks the CDFA sent pics of came from is unknown.

    As for what we can do….obviously we need to work to support farmers who provide us with food of our choice directly. Buy directly as much as you possibly can. The money will actually go to the farmer and help them continue to provide you with food.

    Blessings on all who have stepped up to help the Dixons move on. They gave their all in this fight. The fact is that a lot of little donations add up to a huge help for them. Thank you for caring!

  44. It would be wonderful to see that cheese liberated by thousands of citizens in the middle of the night. But our nation is fast asleep, while our shackles are being forged in the darkness. The men of this country are more concerned with superbowl outcomes than the unimaginable injustices being forced upon these valiant and faithful farmers. We will pray, that is about all we can do.

    • Well, that would be marvelous in theory, but oh! What the Dixons would have to suffer for that. You are correct, praying is all we can do at this juncture.

    • towerofsion – Christians praying, and not getting off of their collective asses to do something is what has gotten us in the sad place that we are now.

      Are you aware that the First shots fired in Lexington square (the shots that were heard around the world) were fired by a congregation and their pastor?

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  47. Contact Opera……..the nation NEEDS to know this.

  48. Maybe that is meant to be Oprah???

  49. Here is a youtube video from yesterday’s destruction:

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  52. So sorry to hear about this. It’s a sad day for everyone.

  53. Rawsome foods in California had their raw milk also
    dumped by the FDA ,a while back. Wonder who really
    Ordered that with the FDA,s backing..?

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  57. I’m sorry this happened to your family. It would seem a day is coming where people will no longer be able to protest injustice.

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