From David Gumpert – How Convincing is the Evidence…

Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 12:01PM

Morningland Dairy, the small Missouri cheese producer caught up in spillover from the June 30 raid of Rawesome Food Club, has begun a legal journey that it hopes will allow it to get back into business.

Morningland has been in business for thirty years without any illnesses, but has been ordered by the Missouri Milk Board to destroy $250,000 worth of cheese because of the discovery of listeria monocytogenes in some samples. Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made the original announcement about the discovery, it’s assumed the FDA has been pushing the regulatory and legal nightmare that Morningland has had to deal with over the last five months. The FDA was the organizing force behind the June 30 raid of Rawesome, in which Morningland cheese was included in the food confiscated, and in August found to test positive for listeria monocytogenes by the FDA and the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Because there was no flexibility in the Missouri Milk Board’s ruling–all the cheese produced in 2010 had to be destroyed, and there was no re-doing a test in which company-provided samples were possibly contaminated in the improper cutting of the cheese–the company contested the state’s court order. (For background information, including the court order, see the Morningland site.)

Read the rest of it here:

On another note, the Estrella’s had a news piece on local television. Customers step in to help…



2 responses to “From David Gumpert – How Convincing is the Evidence…

  1. Dear Morningland Dairy, the scum bag FDA is as corrupt as it gets. It’s all due to shady deals that most of these government organizations thrive in. It is quite obvious that someone or a multitude of corrupt dirt balls lined there pockets with money to shut you down. I can’t believe these bigots grabbed your product at gun point. Do you have the name or names of the agents who had there guns pulled? Unfortunately this is what our country has turned into. Just look at the FOOD SATETY ACT. The FDA is going to regulate this pile of stupid legislation that has all sorts of BS attached. These agencies need to be down sized and finally abolished. Sorry to here that you fine people got railroaded by these losers. #1. Stick with your guns and defeat them in court. #2. Sue the hell out of the FDA for every unlawful move they made. Make sure you go after the cowboys that thought it necessary to hold you at gun point ( worthless pricks ). Happy Holidays and best to all of you at Morningland Dairy.

  2. here are some links that may provide you clearer information on what you are up against and perhaps further insight on what direction to take, it appears that the action that you have been forced to take so far is only feeding the machine that is destroying you.
    Follow the links to youtube and as well

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