Morningland Dairy…..Closing Arguments and Closing Business While Tryng to Make Lemonade out of Lemons

©Doreen Hannes

The closing arguments for the January 11th and 12th trial were submitted by both the Missouri Attorney General’s office and Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. The Attorney General’s office decided to throw in additional testimony from Joseph Frank, the expert cheese killer, in an attempt to rebut Dr. Ted Beals’ testimony. Should the Judge allow this testimony, it will lengthen the time for decision because the Defense will need to cross-examine Frank again and have that submitted to the Court.

These arguments really don’t contain any surprises from either side. In a nut shell, the AG’s office says that Morningland’s cheese is a public threat and Morningland is guilty of making life threatening food, and failing to roll over and die at the suggestion of the Missouri Milk Board. The State also asserts that Morningland has been guilty of operating an unsanitary and even filthy plant.

Morningland’s defense argues that the State is acting outside of the constraints of the law and has not followed proper procedure nor proven that Morningland’s cheese is a threat to the public, and that Morningland is and has been a clean and sanitary facility. The defense asks for monetary relief, although that request is far below the actual cost incurred by the business’s closure.

No one actually knows how long the judge may take to render his decision regarding the destruction of the cheese Morningland has been keeping under house arrest since the August 26th shut down. It could be a week, a month or two months.

Meanwhile, Morningland Dairy LLC has dissolved.

The General Managers for Morningland Dairy, Joseph and Denise Dixon, have been trying to hang on since the State shut down their livelihood. Joseph has been traveling out of state working as an electrician to keep their family afloat while their life’s work and wealth is held in limbo by the Milk Board’s “condemnation, embargo and seizure” order. The six employees of Morningland and the investors in the company have also been robbed of at least part of their livelihood. In a broader view, a very economically depressed area has been dealt another financial blow by unreasonable regulations and untenable enforcement actions.

In a sense, the State of Missouri and the FDA have won. In another sense, they have lost. Through their policies and “science based” (not scientifically accurate) enforcement measures, they have killed a viable business dealing in interstate commerce, which is a win for them. However, the ex-General Managers of Morningland Dairy are not actually dying the death the regulatory agencies desire. They are going private, and expect to be making and shipping their cheese in early or mid-summer…So this is a win for individual choice, which is a loss for the regulators.

Since there is no indication at all that the FDA and their State counterparts are going to revisit their policies or conviction that raw dairy is “inherently dangerous and should never be consumed by anyone for any reason”, the Dixons have turned in their license for the cheese plant to the Missouri Milk Board. How can anyone have a reasonable expectation of profiting from their labor when, despite strong evidence to the contrary, the agencies regulating a product view it as “inherently dangerous”? Obviously, you can’t. The FDA’s motto should be, “If it’s good for you, we won’t allow you to have it. We are fulfilling our vision of public health-Sit down, shut up, and eat your GMO rations.”

Because of the lack of decency and intelligence exhibited by the regulatory agencies, the proponents of real food are increasingly boxed into a corner. The only logical and peaceable thing to do is to remove oneself from regulatory authority and go to direct private sale. If the agencies decide to literally outlaw real food, they may simply start a full on revolt. The escalation of the raw dairy war being waged by the FDA against the people has brought tremendous awareness to the issue of real food and real choice. This is important not only to those who enjoy real food, but to those who value freedom. Whether the agencies like it or not, we have an inalienable right to eat food without their interference or permission.

The Dixon’s ability to actually begin to make their cheese again is resting upon the judge’s decision regarding the cheese that has been under arrest for almost six months in their cooler. Should the judge free the cheese, they should be able to sell the very sharp cheddar to individuals wishing to purchase from them. This will hopefully give them enough capital to begin the process of making and aging their cheese again sometime soon. While this approach should eventually allow Joseph Dixon to return home and be with his family, it’s not likely that the six employees of Morningland will get back to their previous jobs.

At this point, the actual determination of the winners and losers in this case rests upon the individual Citizens of the Republic. If we are committed to preserving our food choices to ourselves, and opposed to allowing bureaucrats the authority to decide what we will eat, we will support Morningland’s move to direct private trade. We can get some real cheese made by real people using real ingredients that have actually been designed for human consumption. The agencies can regulate “commerce” and licensed entities, but they cannot regulate our thoughts…If we allow them to do so, we have lost already.


11 responses to “Morningland Dairy…..Closing Arguments and Closing Business While Tryng to Make Lemonade out of Lemons

  1. The State of Missouri and the FDA suck!!! It doesn’t surprise me at all since our Government does not want the people to eat food that is good for you. This is why you can barely find anything organic. I use to be able to go to WalMart and find all sorts of organic products. WalMart had plans to have a specified area for just organic products. Our a__hole government said NO, you can’t do that. Now I can’t find organic orange juice, flour, eggs and other items that use to be available. We people need to continue to fight hard until most of these programs get defunded. The FDA needs to go along with many others. If we let the stupid government continue to control our lives, it will be against the law for an individual to plant a simple garden. WHAT A JOKE THE USA HAS BECOME!!!

  2. WELL PUT. Kudos… Thank you for the update and insightful commentary. I’ve been waiting for it. And the wait has been worth while. I’ll be buying their cheese for sure as an investment in our freedom from dictators.

    How is it that our citizens are allowed freedom of choice in abortion (to murder their own offspring) and then not allowed freedom of choice to eat food they know to be healthy?

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  4. My family and I have eaten Morningland’s cheese for over 20 years. We felt so grateful to be able to buy local, raw, organic cheeses. We loved them, and, guess what? We never got sick! Go figure. Now, if we were eating conventional cheeses with their hormones and antibiotics and artificial junk in them, we would have definitely been sick, fat and stupid! Okay, so good, healthy cheeses may not make you smart, but by buying thoughtfully those local, small farm products, we help ourselves, our farmers, our locale, our world. Government’s hugely strong ties with big corporations in every area is scarey for us all and has to be restrained. What happens when hamburger kills people? They wait until so many are dead and then check out the meat grinding factories, but they continue to operate. This is insanity! To the Dixons, peace, and we hope that we will see your cheeses in local stores again soon. Best wishes and we are sorry for all that you have endured–the nightmare–over this last year.

  5. I will buy as much cheese from the Dixons as I can afford, and I’ll make it a point to let EVERYONE on my email lists, FB page, etc, know that the best food is the food with the least govt approval.

    Right now, I’m still trying to sort all this out. Continuing in prayer for Dixons and the (former) Morningland Dairy family, and also (especially!) for you, Doreen. I thank God for you and your unflagging efforts to keep this up front and in everyone’s minds.

  6. Edward J Winegart DDS

    What a shame. My six children were reared on raw, certified dairy products from Altadena Dairy in Southern California. I am now a proud Grandfather of sixteen healthy Grand childrejn seven of which are still using the raw product of their own cows. Once again Socialism rears its evil head.

  7. Thankyou for a very important update and very informing. I did not realize Morningland was under regulatory authority by the State. Without me knowing the details of the contract I can guess what they contain. Being regulated by the State is where Morningland erred because they contracted with the state of Missouri and therefore other Govt agencies who can regulate as they see fit.
    Yes Morningland will have to go private to survive and also seceed from the republic. We in Western Australia have Farm in our wheatbelt that seceeded from Australia around 1970. I myself and 3 friends visited it in july last year. It is called the Hutt River Principality and Prince Leonard is its Regent. He Seceeded because we were having wheat quotas introduced which would have broken their business. They have not looked back. You can find their story on the internet. The problem for all of us is that if you are in their system you are compelled to aheed to their rules. Maybe God is prodding Morningland to cleave closer to him. Graham

  8. These people need to go after the FDA as a unconstutional body of —holes. The 10 Amd does not all for the FDA to exist. We all need to go after the ABC groups of our once free nation. Check your Grand jury to see if it is legal

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